Art Gallery of Children's Art for the Science of Tomorrow

Water ContactWireless Power Supply DroneSwim Forever!Succulent DamShelter RobotAdhesive Muscle PatchAngry Mother Power PlantBack-Straightening Stick for GrandmaTouching Video PhoneWhite Walking Stick with Notification HeadsetTyphoon Power Generator: Get It from Outer Space!Volcano Rescue Robot Water Flea PurifierChildren's Smart Connected Safety CapJourney Through TimeThe Space CityMy Future CityThe Last Earth ManScarlett's Future Ocean CityFuture science and technology dreamNight City - DreamA harmonious city of the futureA mass-saving helicopterSound power truck, go!Photosynthesizing parasolsAurora power generating whale robotSpecial seat capsuleDrone AEDA car that fires flowersA machine that makes electricity from laughterSafety road to protect deer and carsDX snoring changerIf roads could make solar power...Warm sunflowerHouses with arms and legsThe Heart of Ocean Canned stickers of couragePlankton capsules for water quality improvementA cup capable of changing the drink temperature from -10°C to 100°CAquarium Power Generation with Migratory FishMimicking SensorBarrier-type MaskGravity Vacuum MachineAllergen Zero (0) MachineThe electricity of the sustainable future will be powered by firefly-type self-sustaining luminescent power generation.Amphibious Disaster Mobile ColonySave the Earth from Desertification, Miracle Power TreeAn electric fan that turns viruses into flowersDebris CollectorBarrier-free Aquarium with All My FriendsNo Earthquakes! Aurora Generator "Miracle Future Pin"Eye Drop Type Tear Visual RecorderClimate Change Smart DroneNature Protector!! Eco-sewing MachineMiracle Earphones "E-phones"No more Guide Walking Stick! Dream Contact Lenses make Everything VisiblePlaying a Flying Piano with All My FriendsSuper Visual Glasses "Mieru-kun"Shelves Friendly to EveryoneCooling CitiesFlower and Vegetable HousesSaving EarthNew Life Conceptual of FutureThe Future Life on R029Maglev Anti-vibration HouseExplore multidimensional space robotFuture ColorSpace Gravity TunnelThe Future of MobilityMedical Capsule in spaceA Life with Computer-Brain IntegrationTravel in outer spaceMy future classLife and LightPurify ManThe Machine Repair The SkyThe WindowSmart Garbage ManagerGarbage Technologically Changes into OxygenTouch the futureRobo Police Keep Students SafeMy future friendsUnderwater RestaurantThe Cyberpunk girlFlowers selling machineEscalator whose steps get biggerCane that orally guides the walkerRescue fiberTrash Bam Pow BusCleaning robotEco-ship of the future that cruises around the worldSafe AI seatbeltIllness healing pianoSuction cup injection deviceSeal that announces "Here I am!"Flood rescue frogCandy that changes you into a fast lionThe Stars of The Night SpaceCastle in the SkyMultifunctional cleaning robot for SkyscrapersFuture Tree House, Free Living StyleUFO-type air pollution treatment plantDreamtime and space travel machineGreen Technology CityRainbow Music ValleyVirus Protection System Version 1.0COVID-19 AbsorberSkyboard"Grow a new palm"-cell growth technologyFuture CityBiological personal deviceFuture Space LifeFutureFuture CinemaMask CityUndersea Evolutionary VacuumBubble Greenhouse Makes The Earth Zero Hunger!Future expressUniversal Family on Planet InteractiveOrigami batteryMicroplastic collecting jellyfishTransforming wheelchairSea life saving bio-globeMountain life saversFlexible form car that absorbs force of crashesBook that communicates soundsHeadphones that enable people to see and hearMist shower that removes alcohol from the bodyOrchestra of rainSnow-powered electric generatorMr. Easy, the expert crop field workerGoggles that search for disaster victimsRecycle - Turn Trash Into CashGeometrically constructed 4D cityFloating Building on WaterLohas Market in the urban jungleUltra space-time capsule - learning without limits.The Unbelievable AI ClothEye mask that makes all the world's books readableEarthquake force-converting electric generatorAir-cleaning whale cloudBattery that recharges with Mom's angerCard that accumulates kindness pointsLife-saving mosquitoSeeing-eye robotConverter of rain/other disasters to energy for daily lifeBraille-making gloveConverter of singing voices to energy like the sunLife-saving beam emitted by trainsGlasses that see into animalsMachine that makes energy from trashDreaming Back to TangThe Communities Designed for Future Cities Floating on OceanThe Future Sky CityDream CityThe Silk Road of Outer SpaceAnti-Cancer FlashlightShoes for DisabledCity-Smart RobotGod’s EyeglassGreen Amphibious CarCO2 to O2 Converter DroneMultifunction UmbrellaSpider Eva cudHand for DisabledFUTURE VISIONS WITH A HEART: COEXISTENCE OF SCIENCE & NATURE?Good Health ChairThe future without garbage and pollutionAn Imagination Painting about Science in the next 30 yearsKingsley's Fruit Robot ComputerCapsule ReviveBabysitter PictureWhat We ImagineRat Nest of LosersSea CityThe Future of EducationDNA clayGlasses that show what people say Easy and convenient moving umbrellaOctopus house that cleans the seaFriendship-making tunnelGood range-of-vision glassesHouse that is safe from floodingHappiness cameraElectric generator shoes"What did I come here to buy?"Clothes washing closet"Mom's anger" meter and control stickCalories chopsticksTelephone that shows sign languageElectricity generating treeNavigation capSOS! A rescue helicopter with laser beam rotor bladesGlasses that show dangersDisaster rescue robot with abilities of animalsSystem to raise a whole area up in the airCleaning store for the spiritFossil planetariumTelevision that lets you taste the foods shownSeawater warming prevention systemSpirit-raising hatHappy mindInnovation through DreamI Want to be a LIPI ScientistGreen Mobile ClassroomCapsule for Space LivingLearn T-Rex and FossilsIndonesian Ship lane, Special Line for StudentMind Reader RobotThe Future garbage truckLearn to be an Astronaut who find a new PlanetCO2 to O2 Converter Auto charge Electric CarOrganic Robot, Anti Forest Fires, Anti Fog DisasterMy City Sweeper RobotFlowers GardenThe Dream HouseA Landing AirplaneFire Force RobotWindmill CarAnti-Traffic Jump CarMultipurpose ChairNo matter how far, Magic Camera can take a photoCar SubmarineAmazing ToiletSpace WarBubble, Vehicle of the FutureOne World in the FutureWorld in the SkyUniverse QuotationsCity in NoodlesNew-Engery Future CityNano Health Fantasy TripMy ideal worldRenewable Energy MachineWatch Compass SOSFlying ShoeFitting ClosetElder going every whereFuture Home CareFuture Housework RobotsFuture Home CareThe elderly future facilitate suppliesFairyPower technologyFood FactoryTime travelingGreenFuture unlimited possibilitiesMetal trees that take in metals as nutritionMuscles for grandmotherEco-pencil that growsSpirit rechargerAir conditioner hatCandy that helps some cells to become leadersZero gravity old people's home where everyone wants to livePiano that brings peace to the worldEruption! A protective suit envelops you!Doors to yourself at different agesHealing treeIce that inspires ideas when you eat itCooler that prevents global warmingMt. Fuji Natural Energy CityPhotosynthesis SheetShoes that Prevent Stumbling Convenient Escalator for WheelchairsArt Treasures that Flee from DisastersTornado Buster RocketRoad with Holes for Snow to Fall inVacuum Cleaner that Removes Violence from PeopleColor Pen that Draws on Anything EasilyGlove that Detects Ripe FruitTree whose Leaves Shine at NightFlashlight that Takes People into the SkyDevice for Seeing with HandsDisease-curing cakeBricks that Multiply when given waterMagic wand that removes allergensWheelchair that moves where it is safeStreet crossing that is safe to crossUniversal design aquarium with zero-gravity water sphere exhibitsMoving Street guardrail that protects pedestriansAnimal lifeguard team of the FutureArtificial tsunami that protects townsMemory-giving helmet Floating solar house that travels anywhereMachine that makes angry moters smileMolecular bonding and decomposition machinesScrew-shaped robot that prevents earthquakesBuilding block robots that stop tsunamiJapan's farming of the futureHouse that floats with superconducting magnets  Fast wreckage processorMosquitoes that pass on vaccinesHouse that flies away from tsunamiAirship "H" that cleans the atmosphereAirbag in a caneLight that turns on when a student really understandsBuildings that change their tilt with the seasonsCloud elephant becomes a great playground slidePraying mantis robot that removes mold from bathrooms with its clawsMachine that changes annoying sounds into usable electricitySatellite that moves rain cloudsFlower that grabs and deactivates landminesShip that goes through space and timePollen cleaner that goes in the noseTeacher in a pencilTalking bird robot that takes people on guided tours Robot that saves people anywhere in a disaster siteBird that waches for people dumping trash illegallyPet robot that eats up stressMicrophone for finding objectsHotto, a robot that gets people back togetherRobot that waters plantsMicro-doctors, Robots Inside the BodySteamship that Cleans up the SeaFire Engine with Octpus Legs for its LadderWater of Life that Brings Fossils Back to LifeBelly-Warmer Band that Elongates the BodyArtificial  Muscle Suit Allowing Anyone's Arms and Legs to MoveNature Guidebook Displayed in a Magnifying GlassVirtual Overseas Travel RoomHappy Love Mood-Changing HatWhale Cloud that Blows Away RaincloudsRoad that Stretches and Contracts during EarthquakesSpace Land where Aliens Play with PeopleElephant-Shaped Room CleanerElevator to Outer SpaceMini-Mask that Captures InfluenzaPaint that Prevents Global Warming"Tako-chan", an Ocean Cleaning RobotEarthquake-proof House Made from ElectromagnetsCleaner of Air above RoadsAmazing Knife that Only Cuts FoodPerformance Clothes that Make Melodies from FeelingsHouse that Does PhotosynthesisSave the Earth! Aurora Energy-Collecting Airship"Tasuka-ru" that Protects Lives from FireRoof Paint that Generates Solar PowerA New Second EarthVacuum Cleaner that Sucks up Things Giving Us TroubleBinoculars that See AnywhereGreenery has Come Back to the Village!Gloves that Extend Beyond Hands to Do WorkNew Type of Tide embankment for Preventing Tsunami DamageSave My Dad's Life! Metabolic Syndrome Preventive shiisa RobotCanvas Shoes Entering Picture BookHat MemoryChopsticks for Removing Fish boneFuture AirportFuture WelfareUnderground Cruiser "SUSUMU"Service Dog RobotSolar Passenger Airplane "SUN EAGLE"Nature Energy Oasis CityClock Working in line with MoodUndersea CityUmbrellaGrape BusAnytime Anywhere Light for Heating Meals Paint That Melts Snow Using Heat Generated by the Weight of the SnowNanotechnology Eco Machine That Develops as Humans DoFish-LingualEco Balloon CarGPS Flood Barrier RoadFuturistic Home That Can Withstand DisasterI am a Piano TherapistSelf-Moving Toothbrush - Use after EatingOutfit-selecting TelevisionMudslide Search RobotEyewear That Can Show You the Center of the Earth"Tokyo"Sound Wave GeneratorPiggy Bank for Saving TimeThe Opening Day of the Future Soccer Tournament of the UniverseA Lightning-Powered Electric Car Everyone's Smiling Transformational BathAn Animal Protection National Park Space Colony  A Dragonfly Wing RanselInformative Globe A Pollen-Absorbing Bubble MachineThe Future Elementary School Airbag Protection for Those Who Stub ToesA Cleaning RobotA Future Machine for Restoring NatureThe Fan which Changes Gas to OxygenThe Artificial Waterspouse which all Prevents Tidal WaveThe Stick Paste which Smooths the Wrinkles of a FaceA Spaceship to Carry Relief SuppliesWave-Generation CityRescue Ladder TruckNursing Zero-Gravity SuitRestration Three-Dimensional CopyShining Center LineMagic FiberWork in DreamHelmet Doubling as Automatic UmbrellaVibration-Generating and Recycling MachineTyphoon Course Control SystemMega-ButterflyThe Tower of Bubbles for ChildrenFastener for Repairing RoadThe Multi-Tasking BallTire Air-BagWater CapsuleEmergency Escape KnapsackLightning Electric Power Radiography for Imaging UndergroundOne-Touch SlopeAgricultural InnovationStory Exploration EyeglassesStuffed-Doll Clinical ThermometerExploration of Wood Riding in Bug-Shaped Miniature CarGlittering Wet-Suit Net worldLight Flying Clothes and ShoesThe Town in the FutureThe Memory BankSecurity Belt for Warning of Danger