To organizations engaged in activities to nurture young people's creativity in various countries and regions

What do children expect of science and what dreams do they have for science?
Please join us in showing everyone the richly creative artwork of children all over the world!

  • The “Art of Children's Dreams for the Science of Tomorrow” that we are organizing has two characteristics:
    The first is its theme of dreams that children have for the future of science
    The second is its display of children's artwork together with text expressing their thoughts on their work (short essay)
  • JIII will display excellent artwork from your country in our Internet art gallery, in accordance with the following guidelines.

Guidelines for Exhibitions
Art Gallery for the Children’s Art for the Science of Tomorrow

Guidelines for exhibition of works from overseas on the “Art Gallery for the Children’s Art for the Science of Tomorrow” (hereinafter called “Internet Art Gallery”) organized by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (hereinafter called “JIII”) are as follows.

1. Requirements for Registered Organizations

  • For exhibition of works on the Internet Art Gallery, the Institute only accepts works recommended from organizations or groups that are engaged in public service activities involved in the development and cultivation of young people’s creativity in particular countries or regions (hereinafter called “Countries”) and which have been approved by the resolution of the JIII council in advance (hereinafter called “Registered Organizations”) (companies and schools are not eligible for Registered rganizations).
  • As a general rule, one Registered Organization from one Country. However, more than one organizations may be registered for some Countries depending on the circumstances of such Countries.
  • Registered Organizations shall be listed on the Internet Art Gallery website sequentially after the resolution of the JIII council.
IndonesiaIndonesian Institute of Science (LIPI)
TaiwanTaiwan Creativity Development Association (TCDA)
ThailandOffice of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC)
ChinaInternational Teenage Competition and Communication Center (ITCCC)

2. Recommendation of Works

  • Registered Organizations shall contact JIII prior to recommending works.
  • In principle, one Registered Organization may submit no more than twenty (20) pieces per year.
  • The number of works submitted by one creator shall be limited to one (1) piece per year.
  • The Vice Chairman who is also the Representative Director of JIII, the organizer of this art gallery, shall make the final decision as to whether such recommended work will be displayed in accordance with “3. Requirements for Recommended Works,” even though such work is submitted from a Registered Organization.

3. Requirements for Recommended Works

  • Artworks must be based on the theme - a dream for the science of tomorrow - and satisfy either of the following requirements:
    (a) a drawing or painting that was recognized as excellent in a competition held in a Country where a Registered Organization is located; or
    (b) notwithstanding the above, a drawing or painting that is recommended as excellent work by a Registered Organization.
  • Artworks must be created by young people themselves (the age range of “young people” shall be defined by each Country. In Japan, the age range shall be roughly from 3 to 15, from kindergarten to junior high schoolers).
  • Artworks must not be related to illustrations, characters, etc. which are protected by third parties’ copyrights.
  • Artworks must not be created based on publicly known works or ideas, etc.
  • Artworks must not be offensive to public order and morals.
  • Artworks must be titled and have an attached text (comment) describing the artwork (comment shall be a statement explaining the artwork clearly).
  • (vii) Specifications of Artworks
    • There are no restrictions on medium (drawing/painting materials) used, as long as the artwork is a drawing/painting (paints, crayons, markers, CGs, etc. are accepted).
    • In principle, there are no restrictions on the size of an original artwork (in Japan we require a specific size (approximately 38cm x 54cm) for displaying original artworks, but for the Internet Art Gallery the size of artworks will be adjusted in such a way that it is suitable for displaying on the website).
    • JIII does not accept original artworks. Digital data of artworks which are converted to with a digital camera and the like shall be recommended. The digital data must be greater than 400 x 400 pixels and 300dpi.
    • Videos are out of specifications.

4. Notes for Display

  • JIII will not charge you for displaying artworks. Also, we will not pay Registered Organizations or creators any consideration for displaying their artworks.
  • JIII will post personal information of the artwork creators (name, country name, grade, school name, artwork competition name, the award received, comment attached to the artwork, etc.) on the Internet Art Gallery. Please note that JIII shall not be responsible for any situation arising from such posting.
  • If you wish part of personal information of a creator not to be posted, please clearly specify this intent when submitting such artwork. JIII will make arrangements to accommodate such intent, but please note that, as with the preceding item, JIII shall bear no responsibility for the result.
  • Handling of copyright
    • In addition to displaying this artwork on the Internet Art Gallery, JIII may, without obtaining special permission from a creator or Registered Organization, use the artwork and the comment attached to the artwork in various printed materials or brochures or on websites, etc. in order to promote this art gallery or JIII’s other activities for nurturing originality in children.
  • Registered Organizations are required to agree to each of the items above before making recommendations.