Outline of the Art Gallery of Children's Art for the Science of Tomorrow

The Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation ("JIII") carries out various activities to nurture creativity in young people. One of our projects is an "Art Gallery of Children's Art for the Science of Tomorrow." This art exhibition aims to promote children's spirit of scientific exploration and creativity by inviting them to express their dreams for future science with free and bold ideas in drawings and paintings. Since the exhibit started in 1977, a total of over 400,000 works have been received.
Much of this artwork is filled with expectations and dreams for future science and technology– some express hopes that advances in science and technology will give us ways to overcome the various threats to the environment, shortages of energy, shortcomings of medical care, and threats of natural disasters that we are facing today and some dream of making our lives more convenient and comfortable. These works are very distinctive because they were created based on the points of view and imaginations that only children have, differing according to the age of the artist.

Since JIII wishes to show this art exhibition widely to the world and have this kind of activity spread to other countries and regions, we have decided, as a first step, to launch an “Art Gallery of Children's Art for the Science of Tomorrow on Internet."
In addition to the artwork received from Japan, we would also like this “Art Gallery of Children's Art for the Science of Tomorrow on Internet" to introduce drawings and paintings of the same general nature from abroad. We will strive to develop a global internet art museum where the creativity of young people is fostered.

  • Every year, we accept and evaluate submissions of drawings and paintings for this art competition from all over Japan and award excellent works. Those eligible to participate in this competition are preschoolers (3 to 5 years old), elementary school students (6 to 11) and junior high school students (12 to 15).
  • The pieces of art displayed in this Internet art gallery are each year's excellent works which were awarded by our judges.